Anda&Fala is a non-profit cultural association that promotes new centralities for contemporary creation in the expanded field of visual arts, facilitating the production, presentation and movement of knowledge, artists and projects. Operating from the Archipelago of the Azores, aims to involve communities from all over the world.

Was founded in 2011, along with the first edition of Walk&Talk - Arts Festival. This project is at its origin and guides the mission to promote artistic creation and presentation, alongside audiences' development. Its programming continues with the Artistic Residency Program, in operation throughout the year, and the projects PARES, a program to support artistic activity in the Azores, Periférica, a cycle of talks to think about geographies and culture, and RARA, a residence dedicated to crafts and design. In 2020, Anda&Fala established its headquarters in vaga, a space for art and knowledge, and its most recent programming project in Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel's island.

Since 2016, Anda&Fala has been declared Public Utility by the Government of the Azores. In the 2020/21 biennium, its activities and projects are supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture/General Directorate of the Arts, Government of the Azores and Municipality of Ponta Delgada. The association is part of the Periferias Centrais, a reflection group; is one of the nine partners of the Centriphery program, winner of Creative Europe 2019-2022 from the European Commission; and Festival Walk&Talk is a member of EFFE - Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe.

Anda&Fala has Artistic Direction by Jesse James, Luís Brum and Sofia Carolina Botelho, and its projects are programmed by the commonality of artists, curators and teams involved in the organization of thinking about the creation, enjoyment and sustainability of contemporary artistic practices.

Annual Reports

Anda&Fala Activity Report (soon)

Anda&Fala Activity Report

Anda&Fala Activity Report

Anda&Fala Activity Report 

Walk&Talk Report

Walk&Talk Report


General Assembly Board
President | Tânia Moniz
Vice-President | Luís Brum
Secretary | Rubén Monfort

President | Jesse James
Vice-President | Sofia Carolina Botelho
Treasurer | Milton Pereira

Fiscal Council
President | Joana Cardoso
1st Secretary | João Rebelo Costa
2nd Secretary | Francisca de Medeiros

Legal Advisor
Beatriz Lavouras

Financial Advisor
Marco Galo


Non-profit cultural institutions with Public Utility Status in Portugal can receive your contribution through the consignment of 0,5% of your IRS. There are no other charges or loss of fiscal benefits. You just have to remember Walk&Talk when you submit your IRS in Portugal, and follow these instructions: 

Modelo 3

Quadro 11

Campo 1103

NIF 509 773 125


Make a donation of any amount you choose via Paypal ( or with a bank wire to Anda&Fala's account

IBAN: PT50 0059 0011 2194 3900 0791 6

Please send your details for the emission of a donation receipt, proof of payment and any inquiries to: