Thanks for an amazing edition!
Walk&Talk 11 ended last Saturday, and over ten days, it took us to question what is and exists in the first place. More than 50 artists shared multiple positions on where we are and where we can go through 9 exhibitions and projects, 23 performances and concerts, 4 excursions and various conversations, meetings, and walks around the island.

It was an intense and lively edition, with a program accompanied by many locals and visitors, several sold-out sessions, and a Pavilion that became the city's epicenter!

Reaching this moment and confirming what a festival can generate and stimulate in a territory is extraordinary and reinforces Walk&Talk's mission and ambition to be a place of creation and production of knowledge, of possibility and challenge for artists and partners, at the same time that it establishes safe and inclusive contexts for multiple beings.

Thanks to everyone! See you soon.