Walk&Talk designates the Azores Arts Festival, which takes place every year in July, on the island of São Miguel. Experimental and participatory, the festival motivates the creation of new objects in dialogue with the territory and acts in the involvement of local and migrant communities around the knowledge generated in the expanded field of the arts, intersecting visual arts, performance, music, architecture, and design.

Since 2011, Walk&Talk has been moving through the archipelago through an artistic residency program and, throughout its ten editions, it has hosted more than three hundred artists from multiple geographic and disciplinary backgrounds. It operates in networks and co-produces with similar structures, promoting a favorable environment for exchange, co-creation and, from the Azores, imagines new centralities for contemporary artistic production.

The festival has taken on new shapes with each edition, not settling on a format and assuming a place of experiment, understood as essential to artistic practice and the exercise of programming and cultural mediation. Currently, its program is organized around daily experiences that expand across the island, in proximity to its spaces, architecture and landscape. Multiple rhythms, scales, and relationships intersect in a program dedicated to new creation (a result of artistic residencies), which materializes in the presentation of installation and exhibition projects, performances, concerts, video, architecture and design.

Walk&Talk has Artistic Direction by Jesse James, Luís Brum and Sofia Carolina Botelho and each edition includes a guest curator to co-define the artistic program in its multiple dimensions.

"Azores, el nuevo ‘Hope spot’ del arte contemporáneo en el Atlántico. El archipiélago, además de paraíso ecológico, se está convirtiendo en un espacio experimental gracias a su festival Walk&Talk" Arantxa Neyra, in Traveler

“In its 9th edition, the Azores arts festival is increasingly constituting a stimulating field open to experimentation and artistic plurality” Vítor Balenciano, in Público

“Walk&Talk was a pioneer in creative tourism (...) and instrumental in encouraging dialogue with the territory, culture and Azorean community”
Mary Lussiana, in Financial Times - How to spend it

TEAM 2022

Artistic Direction 
Jesse James
Luís Brum
Sofia Carolina Botelho

Artistic Direction Assistant
Joana Cardoso

Curatorial Team
Irene Campolmi
Jesse James
Joana Cardoso
Luís Brum
Sofia Carolina Botelho

Production Direction
Luís Brum
Rubén Monfort

Executive Production
Bruno Sousa
Filipa Fonseca
João Rolaça
Gonçalo Bernardo

José Amorim
Mafalda Fernandes

Knowledge Program
Francisca de Medeiros
Rita Mendes
Sofia Carolina Botelho

Rita Serra e Silva

Miguel Flor

Carolina Rainho
Hermano Oliveira
Mariana de Medeiros
Rodrigo Sá

Communication Direction
Tânia Moniz

Aviva Obst

Mariana Lopes
Álvaro Miranda

Bernardo Bordalo
Cláudio Oliveira
Rui Nó

Communication Design

Web Design
Pedro Rodrigues


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