What is the most precious thing you own? What is the most precious thing you have lost? Ehat do you most desire? were the questions that punctuated A Walk on the Edge, a performative experience and collective journey in Fenais da Luz, which sought to explore the public's personal relationship with the property.

The performance-walk by Gustavo Ciríaco, Mezzo Atelier, Ovidiu Mihaita and Tellervo Kalleinen was presented on the last Saturday of the 11th edition of Walk&Talk (July 14–23), in the context of the Azorean stage of Centriphery, a collaborative project between nine partner organizations based across Europe, in which Walk&Talk is included.

Video: Bernardo Bordalo Ferreira, Rui Nó, Cláudio Oliveira
Music: Cláudio Oliveira

Commissioned by Walk&Talk - Arts Festival with the support of Creative Europe