Journey to a biennial
After 12 editions, walk&talk transforms itself and takes on a biennial format. Over the next two years, it focuses on a renovating movement that seeks to imagine futures and reflect on the models, practices, and alliances it intends to nurture within the cultural ecosystem of the island and beyond.

In 2011, walk&talk emerged as the first gesture of a generation looking for space, with a desire to walk and bold enough to speak out. Since then, it has looked at the island as a point of intersection, building alternative affective, cultural, and territorial geographies, which have envisioned other centralities and relationships in the world.

It has taken us on a collective path that has inspired and generated other manifestations and projects that culminated in a house for our association – vaga, from where we (as a team, as a collective, as a community) continue our work and presence in this territory. These actions demand time, attention, and care and challenge other rhythms and ways of doing.

Thus, the decision to transition walk&talk into a biennial model, through which we can grant more time to everyone involved, from artists to our teams and audiences. It's an ongoing process that starts now and runs over the next two years, culminating in a biennial-journey in 2025.

We will continue to be around and will share news soon.

From the island, with love.
The walk&talk team