Walk&Talk 2021 - 10th Edition
July 15-24 - São Miguel, Açores
Edition 10 - Where we go it shall be

Ten years ago, Walk&Talk emerged as a response to a moment, a context and a community. It was a precursor in establishing new meeting spaces and production methodologies, challenging perceptions about the island and Azoreanity, building alternative affective, cultural and territorial geographies that have imagined other centralities and relationships in the world.

All this has happened because it was done. This action, autonomous and spontaneous, kept the Festival in a rehearsal space, where experience prevailed over formula. Exploration, expansion and new beginnings allow a transforming movement. It is from this learning and the creation of these structures of understanding that Walk&Talk is built.

In 2020, global events significantly altered Walk&Talk's program. Celebrations were postponed, and a 9.5 Edition between the online and onsite emerged, with projects living simultaneously between the digital and the physical island space.

In 2021, Where we go it shall be. Walk&Talk happens in deambulation through projects that speculate on time, circulation and encounter, and their influences on the construction of perceptions, codes, rituals, new ecologies and commonalities. In a moment of profound change, this edition doesn't point in one direction or define a point of arrival: it insists on the path and the possibility. It assumes the body and the process in motion.

It will be a face-to-face edition that returns to people and spaces, with a program organized around daily excursions that are anchored on exhibitions, installations, performances, conversations and commensality. It's made with 25 artists and collectives presenting new works that result from artistic residencies developed in the Azores between 2018/2021, connected and articulated by the dynamics shared throughout the processual and working period.

Where we go it shall be.

Artistic Direction
Jesse James & Sofia Carolina Botelho